To help everyone out with healthy eating we have worked with some of our local gym members to produce the first of our meat hampers for you. As well as getting good value for money you know your getting good quality English meat.

We only have limited supply for these so make sure you grab one whilst you can.

It consists of:

* 2.5kg large fully trimmed chicken breast fillets
(Picture if chicken breast)

* 454g r/less back bacon
(Picture of back bacon)

* 400g pack free range grass fed beef mince
(Picture of mince)

* 400g pack prime pork loin steaks
(Picture of loin steak)

* 2 x 170g 28 day mature grass fed sirloin steaks
(Picture of sirloin)

* 6 large meatballs
(Picture of meatball)

* 2 x 117g prime chicken burger
(Pictures of chicken burger)

We are offering free delivery for 10 miles of Whimpe and there will be a small charge outside of 10 miles.

Meat Hamper